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Practice Areas

Providing an extensive array of services across a number of practice areas and industries in connection with business acquisition, organization, development, expansion, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Practice Areas


From the very inception of our clients’ vision, we equip and empower those for whom we work to overcome the most challenging legal issues and clear a path to the realization of that vision.

The links below provide a more detailed description of our primary practice areas. While we do not desire to be all things to all people, if the legal service you seek is not specifically listed, please contact us to ascertain if and how we may be of service to you.

  Business Organization and Deal Structuring

Business Organization and Deal Structuring

DLG represents corporate and individual clients in organizing their businesses, subsidiaries and related companies, regardless of entity type. Your allies in working smarter and adapting to these changing times, we lend our legal expertise and experience in evaluating, structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing complex and sophisticated business transactions, including joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business successions and dissolutions. DLG has been engaged on business organization projects and business deals of all types and sizes. We counsel innovators and entrepreneurs in business planning, formation, operations, capital-raising and asset protection. We provide business legal advice of the highest caliber with the personal attention and prompt service available only at a business boutique law practice.

DLG has established an excellent reputation as being the law firm of choice for business people; our founder, Daniel Davillier, having the heart and courage of an entrepreneur himself. We take great pride in making deals work in our client’s best interest and within the bounds of the law, rather than contributing to the demise of a viable transaction as so many unseasoned lawyers who are inexperienced in giving business advice do. When we identify risks and other red flags that indicate a particular endeavor may not be favorable to our client for one reason or another, we arm the client with the insightful analysis needed to make an informed decision and propose a creative path to achieving the desired end, while resolving the identified issue. Our goal is to enable emerging companies to anticipate likely challenges and better equip them for their path to achievement and ultimate success. In many instances, the first key to success is structuring the deal properly.

  Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance

At DLG, we make it our business to understand the business of our clients and their goals. By understanding their business, we can ensure that the commercial finance process is smooth, efficient and cost effective from the initial negotiations to closing, and throughout the life of the credit facility. DLG represents both financial institutions as lenders and private companies as borrowers.

When representing financial institutions, we work with the lenders throughout the loan negotiation process to close the transaction on terms consistent with the credit approval. This includes drafting and negotiating loan and collateral documents, conducting lien searches, filing mortgages and UCC-1 financing statements, and issuing legal opinions.

When representing borrowers, we advise our clients from the earliest stages of the process, before the commitment letter has been issued, through the closing and funding of the transaction. We negotiate the loan documents and coordinate all lender requirements. We are careful to ensure that the borrower understands and agrees with all of the loan covenants to mitigate the risks of compliance issues post closing. This work involves substantial due diligence, negotiation of the complex underlying documentation with financial institutions, and the preparation and delivery of complex legal opinions.

DLG’s professionals have structured, negotiated, documented and closed the following types of commercial finance transactions:

  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Acquisition Financing for Corporate Acquisitions
  • Equipment Financing
  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Development Financing
  • Term Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Asset Based Loans
  Contract Review, Negotiation and Drafting

Contract Review, Negotiation and Drafting

No matter what the circumstance, entering into a written contract generally signals that important obligations are being undertaken and relied upon. These agreements may seem difficult to understand with their legal terms of art and other unfamiliar language. Combine the complexity of a contract with the amount of money involved and it becomes clear why a lawyer or team of lawyers is needed to review the contract for appropriateness, errors and confirmation of agreed upon terms, rights and obligations. In today’s legal and business environment, a contract with vague or ambiguous provisions could prove very costly in the long run. Before signing a contract, it is best to seek thoughtful advice.

DLG is comprised of experienced business legal professionals who have reviewed thousands of contracts in relation to the myriad motives of those who require them or are presented with them. We are master negotiators with refined drafting skills, able to assess a client’s bargaining position and advise them on how best to minimize risk and achieve the goals of a contract. In addition to providing clients with simple explanations of the particulars and a detailed analysis forecasting potential problem areas, we develop a negotiating strategy, suggest recommendations and propose revisions to protect our client’s interests to the fullest extent possible. Our input and work product adds value, developing a plan in the event that a deal does not progress as anticipated and allowing the client to enter into a transaction with a clear understanding of the pros and cons, and exactly where they stand.

  Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance policies and procedures are the hallmark of a well-managed company. These guiding principles, once established, dictate how a business or organization will be run and clearly documents who is responsible for certain key decisions. DLG works with our clients to draft and review corporate governance policies and deal effectively with any corporate governance issues that may arise. How certain decisions will be made and carried out under various circumstances, particularly when disputes arise, may mean the difference between limited to no company liability or worrisome legal exposure.

Our professionals, by experience and background, are well equipped to provide guidance on board of director and committee structures, as well as shareholder and limited liability company member issues. Who has voting rights? Who has decision making authority? When do fiduciary obligations come into play? Good corporate governance can provide a solid foundation and a solid defense in the worst of times. DLG, an experienced corporate governance law firm, can help you develop the rules you need for managing and, when necessary, defending your company.

  Governmental Relations – Local and Federal

Governmental Relations – Local and Federal

Successfully charting today’s highly regulated and complex operating environment often requires substantial knowledge of and direct involvement in legislative and administrative processes. DLG fully understands our clients’ need for coordinated, professional, and cost-effective representation with respect to a variety of government related issues and concerns. DLG’s governmental relations practice area involves representation of regional and national clients on a full range of federal and local public policy issues. We are well known for our expertise, integrity, innovation and ability to give voice to our clients’ goals. We represent private enterprises, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, government entities and individuals.

We offer assistance by making those we represent aware of the impact certain laws and regulations may have on their operations, and by guiding our clients through their government affairs. Specifically, we design and implement a plan tailored to a client’s unique needs, develop coalitions with other stakeholders whenever necessary, and work diligently to fast track projects requiring local governmental approvals. Our team has relationships with many city and other local and federal elected officials and their respective staffs, which allows us to be effective advocates for clients regarding project management, licensing, permitting and other local governmental issues. Our governmental relations services include:

  • Federal and Local Procurement
  • Public Sector Business Opportunity Strategies
  • Local Legislative or Regulatory Analysis and Monitoring
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Government Contract Advice, Negotiations, Performance and Compliance
  • Tactical Governmental Relations Counseling
  • Challenges to Agency Decisions that Impact Clients
  • Work with Agency Staff to Develop Policies

To avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest, please note that, since one of our professionals serves in the Louisiana State Legislature, DLG does not provide governmental relations services or legal consulting services at the state level.

  Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

DLG offers legal representation for business organization and reorganization, various types of acquisitions, sales and mergers by setting up a goal-oriented timeline, negotiating transaction terms, preparing closing documents and closing the transaction with minimal business interruption and optimum confidentiality. Our professionals have represented buyers, sellers, financial institutions and investors.

Regardless of what side of the transaction you are on, we will work with you on critical due diligence, engage vendors who can assist with asset, lien and litigation searches, and help you with all of the covenants, representations and warranties in the sale. Our clients range from small, privately held businesses to large, national public corporations. It is best to seek our advice as far in advance of the transaction as possible so we can guide you in streamlining the process, thus minimizing effort and cost.

DLG handles the negotiation and drafting of all required contracts, including merger and acquisition agreements, financing documents, company authorizations, stock and asset purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, partnership and limited liability company agreements, and loan documents. A business sale is often the culmination of a client’s long-term exit strategy, and we consult on all aspects of the transaction well before it occurs. Our clients can expect a commitment to excellent service, an entrepreneurial and business oriented philosophy, and a strong resolve to get the job done.

DLG’s Merger and Acquisitions experience includes:

  • Representation of the seller in a $13M transaction pursuant to which our client sold all of the assets of a rental management company (including contracts, real estate, leases, intellectual property and permits).
  • Daniel Davillier has represented a national waste company and a national automobile manufacturer in connection with acquisitions of numerous waste collection companies and automotive supply companies, respectively. Mr. Davillier was lead outside counsel on those transactions with chief responsibility for drafting and negotiating the purchase agreements and organizing the due diligence efforts.
  • Mr. Davillier also represented the seller of an interest in a partnership that owned a professional basketball team, with the offered ownership interest valued at $72.5M. Mr. Davillier handled all aspects of the transaction, including the documentation of the seller financing for a portion of the purchase price.
  Non-Profit Formation and Federal Tax Exemption

Non-Profit Formation and Federal Tax Exemption

DLG gives practical legal advice to non-profit organizations, those wishing to establish non-profits and those dealing with non-profits. Such organizations generally endeavor to achieve their goals in the most economical way and as efficiently as possible, maximizing their mission objectives and getting the most out of each contributed dollar they are able to raise. Many non-profits have slim management resources, particularly in the startup, mobilization and establishment phase. DLG has broad experience assisting community organizations and educational institutions with formation of non-profit corporations and successfully applying for designation as federal tax exempt entities. We also provide advice to charities on the commercial aspects of their activities, such as public/private partnerships, commercial and property deals, and other social entrepreneurial endeavors. Our professionals have served as outside general counsel to the board of directors of non-profits. The experience of our lawyers is enhanced by our participation as board members for a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations, both locally and nationally.

The procedure for gaining tax-exempt status can be overwhelming, lengthy and complex. It requires time, money and a certain level of technical expertise with respect to the legal and tax implications involved. DLG oversees the entire Form 1023 application process and ensures that the organization meets all relevant statutory requirements. The most common way to receive tax-exempt status is to apply under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Nonprofit corporations qualifying under this section enjoy exemptions from federal, state and local taxes, and donors can write off their contributions on their individual or company tax returns. Once the IRS grants federal tax-exempt status, the organization must then follow specific operational rules, which require careful oversight and ongoing professional assistance.

  Outside General Counsel Services

Outside General Counsel Services

DLG offers a comprehensive approach to handling all of the legal needs of entrepreneurs, emerging ventures and growth companies through our “Outside General Counsel” services. For clients that recognize the risks of handling routine legal issues themselves but wish to avoid the high costs and multi-tiered staffing of large law firms, DLG fulfills the role of Outside General Counsel. We work with each client to understand its business and industry in order to provide customized service targeting each client’s unique needs.

DLG’s business lawyers provide the skills and resources of comprehensive corporate counsel coupled with the affordability and efficiency of a fixed-fee arrangement as opposed to the open ended and uncertain nature of a billable hour structure. This allows our clients to budget for their legal services with certainty. This approach also facilitates more open communication between DLG and its clients because they are not “on the clock” whenever they speak with our attorneys.

As Outside General Counsel, DLG handles the day to day and strategic legal matters of its clients. Some of the services included in the Outside General Counsel function are:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Strategic Transactions
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Other Ordinary Course Contracting

Our Outside General Counsel services do not include litigation matters, but DLG uses its significant contacts to assist clients in retaining specialized counsel (e.g., litigation, environmental, tax) whenever necessary. In such event, DLG works with the client to manage the specialized counsel, just as an in-house counsel would do. Part of that management includes participating in strategy discussions and working to minimize the cost to the client by ensuring that only the tasks or motions required are performed or advanced. DLG also monitors the specialized counsel’s staffing of the client’s matter to confirm appropriateness and maximize value.

  Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Real estate transactions have become increasingly more complicated as a result of a constant flux of the regulatory and economic environment. More than ever, professional legal guidance has become a business necessity. DLG helps clients navigate this complex landscape by delivering expert, experienced and cost-effective real estate legal services.

DLG works with developers, community development corporations, owners, property managers, landlords, tenants, financial institutions and investors in all types of transactions, from routine purchase agreements to complex development projects. DLG representations range from large-scale, mixed-use commercial developments to the redevelopment of an entire historic community in New Orleans that was decimated by the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Our team of professionals offers extensive knowledge of property acquisition, financing, development, construction, taxes and contract law to facilitate the following:

  • Commercial and Residential Property Acquisitions and Sales
  • Commercial and Residential Property Leasing
  • Structuring of Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Zoning and Land Use
  Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment

DLG also represents individuals and organizations in the professional sports and entertainment fields. Mr. Davillier’s clients include players in the NBA, the NFL, an NBA team owner, film production companies, and record companies. Some of Mr. Davillier’s past and present clients include: current and former NBA Players: Scottie Pippen, Chris Paul, Baron Davis, P. J. Brown, Jamaal Magloire, and Thaddeus Young; NFL Players: Deuce McAllister, Ricky Williams, Jammal Brown, and Will Smith; former NBA team owner: Ray Wooldridge; and New Orleans based record company: Cash Money Records.

Our work with professional athletes and entertainers ranges from assisting them with real estate transactions to handling marketing contracts and coordinating the legal strategy for business investments or company acquisitions and reorganizations. DLG serves as the outside general counsel to coordinate and handle all of the varied legal needs of our professional athlete and entertainer clients.

DLG also works with production companies that produce movies in Louisiana. We assist production companies with their local legal needs, and work with them to get certified as eligible to receive Louisiana tax credits for film and television productions. We also handle the sale of such tax credits which allows the production companies to receive cash for the transfer of the Louisiana tax credits.

  Business & Commercial Litigation

Business & Commercial Litigation

At the Davillier Law Group, we provide litigation services, counsel, and advices to our clients, which include many prominent local and state businesses as well as large national and international business entities. Our litigators possess the talent, experience, and skill necessary to provide first-rate litigation services to our clients in an efficient manner, which produces successful results at reasonable rates. We are experienced in a wide variety of substantive areas, including:

  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Environmental and toxic torts
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment
  • Oil and gas
  • Products liability
  • Public utility regulation
  • Transportation

Our litigators have vast experience in both the public and private sectors, which provides us with the know-how and negotiating skills necessary to frequently resolve matters early in the litigation process, or at times, even before an action is instituted.

The DLG Business & Commercial Litigation Practice Group litigators practice in all Louisiana state and federal courts, along with regional and other courts throughout the country. Moreover, we represent clients before a variety of state and federal agencies in addition to our significant experience with alternative dispute resolution. We are vastly experienced in both mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys have arbitrated cases before the American Bar Association and several other arbitration panels.

A large part of our success at DLG derives from our meticulous preparation and experience developing cases for trial, and our first-rate execution at trial. However, it is always our goal to pursue a litigation avoidance strategy where it is in the best legal and economic interest of our clients. Since each client and matter is different, our practice requires that we fully understand the goals and objectives of each client as we develop a customized litigation strategy for each legal matter. The litigation attorneys at DLG are committed to becoming the best informed and prepared advocates for our clients’ interests, because only by doing so do we attain the positive results that our clients expect and deserve.


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