Business Litigation on Contingency

Pay for results, not hours

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Limitations of the Hourly Billing

The traditional model for compensating litigators to assert business-related claims is the billable hour. However, this presents an obstacle for parties that possess valuable claims but lack the resources to pursue them at an hourly rate.

In many such cases, the prospective defendant is a large corporation that can afford to retain a major law firm to defend a case and drag it out for years. Such defendants aim to use their superior financial strength as leverage to extract unfair settlements from less well-funded plaintiffs because they know they can outspend and outlast their opponent.

Sharing the Risk to Level the Playing Field

We believe commercial disputes should be decided on the merits on a level playing field, and not based on leverage resulting from wealth disparity between the parties. To help individuals and entities with financial constraints pursue valuable claims, we provide business litigation services on a contingency fee basis. That means that if we prevail, we will collect a percentage of the recovery, but if we can’t successfully resolve your case, you won’t owe us anything.

In short, we put capital at risk, but only get paid if we produce results. For this reason, even parties with the resources to pay hourly rates may prefer a contingency fee approach because they appreciate that it fully aligns the economic interests of the client and its lawyers, and preserves cash that can be invested in other business opportunities.

Business litigation on contingency can be utilized in virtually any type of dispute or context – from specialized areas such as bankruptcy, intellectual property, insurance coverage, and real estate, to garden variety breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud claims.

If you have a valuable business claims that you would like to pursue on a contingency fee basis, please feel to contact us for a free evaluation.